• Article on Science featuring my recent research published in Nature Human Behaviour (with Tania Delgado and Simon Kirby), showing how musical rhythm emerges via an interaction of human biology and culture. Also featured, among others, in Le Scienze, The ScientistPopular Science, Nature (Asia), Bild der Wissenschaft, France inter, and SVT Sweden.
  • BBC article featuring my recent paper in Current Biology on the evolutionary biology of dance, with Peter Cook.
  • Prof. Erin Hannon and I are organizing a workshop to discuss the developmental, evolutionary and cognitive bases of rhythm in music and language. You are welcome to join us in New Orleans in March 2016 by submitting an abstract for a talk.
  • My past and current research, looking for the roots of human musicality in other animals, was recently featured on BBC Radio 3. If you are interested in knowing more, you can listen to my interview here.
  • Is synchronous behaviour the only interesting form of coordination? Drawing from recent experimental evidence from infants and crabs, I argue there are several – still understudied – alternatives to synchrony in which animals (including humans) interact and coordinate.
  • This recent article (BBC Earth) features some of my work and explains why the origins and evolution of music is a fascinating area of research.
  • Our paper (Frontiers in Psychology) on musical rhythm and animal chorusing is out! We review the literature on chorusing and signaling behavior across many animal species, stress the importance of group behavior and social interaction in shaping individual timing abilities, and propose a novel evolutionary hypothesis.
  • October’14: Just started my first postdoc in lovely Belgium!